3 comments on “Communicating Effectively

  1. You are correct that you cannot expect to meet in person at all times with people on your team. So keeping effective communication is very important. The easiest and most convient way for people to communicate is primarily through email. Knowing this we have to make sure that understand how to write emails that express what we need to be done and so the reader can get what type of tone we are using.

  2. Hi, I agree with you that the face to face message was relayed in a more friendly manner. I think that there is an advantage to face to face conversation; you can see and interpret facial expressions and immediately perceive how the message was received on the receiving end. I do; however, believe that in the face to face scenario, the friendliness of “Jane” dismissed the urgency of the message and information needed. I can only assume by the persistance of Jane in requesting the information that he was not responsive before or that he neglected her previous requests for the information and making a friendly request in person may cause him to dismiss the urgency. I can only conclude that because it seems she has been requesting the information several times and he has not responded.

  3. It is agreed that face to face communication is the most friendly modality of communication. It should also be noted that face to face communication is the most sincere form of communicztion

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